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Olivetti d-Color MF459

Today’s office is constantly changing, the software platforms used offer important new features and themes like dematerialisation and cloud storage are appearing more frequently in businesses.

The d-Color MF459 A3 colour multi-functional systems integrate easily into the office workflow, speeding up printing and archiving processes and improving other processes.

They are designed for offices with significant workload volumes and will become the heart of all processing and routing activities. The technology used to develop these devices simplifies operations and contributes to the growth
of your business. These devices simplify operation and contribute to the growth of your business.

As multi-functional systems they offer versatility and satisfy the most demanding users, with their wide range of options and the ability to customise the operator panel icons.

By introducing a completely revised and simplified user interface, operating these models becomes simplicity itself. In addition to offering greater productivity and the provision of exceptional paper handling and finishing, these models can offer very high protection against the attack of computer viruses.

Through the power of modular configuration, it is possible to establish different levels of security, ensuring the safe operation of the devices in any work environment no matter how sensitive the data.

Powerful and Versatile: Your Digital Team For The Office

    • 45ppm A4 / 22ppm A3
    • Print resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, o 1,800 dpi
    • (equivalent) x 600 dpi
    • PDL: PCL 6 (XL3.0); PCL 5c; PostScript 3 (CPSI 3016); XPS
    • PCL Font: 80 x PCL AgfaMicro Type
    • Fonts (PS3): 137 x PS3 AgfaMicro Type
    • Operating systems: Windows 7 (32/64); Windows 8.1
      (32/64); Windows 10 (32/64);